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Philosophy & History


TriTone Digital got its start in the world of audio processing and plugins way back in 2003. It's been founded by two renowned real world audio engineers (the team) who wanted to create professional digital tools that would provide the sought-after sound they were used to get with analog gears.

TriTone's plugins are all about vibe and soul, with that distinctive 'hardware' sound which separate the men from the boys. When using those state-of-the-art processors, you will experiment a real organic sound, with weight and character that is amazing to feel 'under a mouse' !

For the love of Tone !


Featured : ClassicTone-PEV

ClassicTone-PEV is modeled after a unique vintage EQ that was made by a German audio company famous for its microphones. The PEV was the first EQ ever made by this company and was used for vinyl mastering.

The original PEV featured a totally passive and discrete design with transformer balanced inputs and outputs and extremely high quality inductors for each band.

The sound and color of an original PEV EQ is absolutely unique and incredibly thick.  Now TriTone Digital brings that thick tone to the land of plugins!  Available now for €59 EUR.

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Lastest Reviews

"ColorTone is the maverick of the bunch, with its convolution-based design that does a lot more than just tape emulation. "

Craig Anderton, EQ Magazine

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